Dying Tragedy is the debut album by the American screamo band, Evangelia. It is the only album to feature the band using very indistinguished sounds of music in their songs, by using only the Metalcore genre. The album was released July 3, 2007 on Solid State Records, being the band's only label to release one album before signing with Century Media Records.

Track ListingEdit

1. "The Phantom"- 4:55

2. "The Hating"- 2:46

3. "An Atrophy of Misinterpretation"- 4:31

4. "Novali Saeed"- 3:38 (video directed by Popcore)

5. "If You Were a Zombie, Then God Would Be Useless"- 5:01 (video directed by Popcore)

6. "Paradigm"- 8:25

7. "The Ghost Is Not a Lie"- 5:34

8. "Weightful Horse"- 4:14 (video directed by Darren Doane)